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Pros & Cons: Differences between women involved in prostitution and female offenders

Lois Ventura, Celia Williamson, Jane Cox, Paula Dupuy, Eric Lambert, Barbaranne Benjamin, John Laux, & Michael Bryant


Rachel Durchslag, Prostitution Research and Education, Chicago, IL

When prostitution becomes “sex work:” How women and children are harmed by the legalization of prostitution

            People on both sides of the debate about the legalization of prostitution can agree that unregulated prostitution puts women at physical and emotional risk. This presentation will address the physical and emotional harms in prostitution that research has shown do not decrease with legalization.


Anneshia Freeman, Grand Rapids, MI

FlipTheScript, A resocialization program. The journey continues

            Discussion on this innovative program designed for individuals in need of change. It has been used with the 61st District Court Start Treatment of Prostitution program in Grand Rapids, MI and has yielded tremendous results.


Joelle Ruby Ryan, PhD candidate, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

Transgenderism and sex work: Exploring controversies with feminist theory and activism

            The 2nd wave/radical perspectives and 3rd wave/postmodern perspectives on sex work and transgenderism will be discussed. Also included will be a facilitated discussion about the issues of sex work, transgender identity, and their relationships to feminism.


Jolanda Sallmann, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, Green Bay, WI

Using substances and exchanging sex as “Going Hand-in-Hand”: An exploration of the connections between these phenomena in women’s narratives

            The purpose of the study was to generate knowledge about the relationship between using substances and exchanging sex in women’s lives.


Carolina E. Yahne, Ph.D., Albuquerque, NM

Magdalena Pilot Project: Motivational interviewing as outreach to substance abusing women street sex workers

            The feasibility and potential impact of motivational interviewing on change in drug use and HIV risk behaviors with 27 women in Albuquerque is evaluated.


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